No Cold Calling Zone – How to get one on your street

Suffolk’s Trading Standards team has been working hard to introduce No Cold Calling Zones throughout Suffolk in a bid to protect and empower vulnerable members of the community.

No Cold Calling Zones (NCCZs) are set up in areas where residents have identified they do not want visits from unsolicited or ‘cold’ callers. The zones are created in partnership with Trading Standards, the police, neighbourhood watch and local residents, and are marked with signs in the street and stickers displayed in residents’ windows asking people not to call at their doors.

For this scheme to work we need Neighbourhood Watch coordinators, Safer Neighbourhood teams, or any other members of the community who are concerned about crime and doorstop callers, to contact us.

What are the key factors taken into consideration when setting up a NCCZ?

  • The core purpose in setting up the NCCZ must be crime prevention or reduction, or reducing the fear of crime.
  • There must be a real prospect that the establishment of a NCCZ will assist in achieving this purpose.
  • There must be an already identified problem in relation to crime in the area. In particular, there needs to be specific intelligence or evidence of high levels of doorstep crime.
  • The size of the Zone must be limited, and must directly correspond to the geographic scope of the identified problem.
  • Consideration needs to be given as to exactly which cold calling activities should be targeted by the Zone.
  • There must be a high concentration of consumers in the area who are particularly vulnerable to exploitation and/or deception.
  • There must be consultation with householders within the area prior to the creation of a NCCZ.

If you would like your area to be considered as a potential NCCZ, we ask you to contact us by emailing Anyone requiring free advice about any consumer issue, including doorstep traders, can contact Citizen Advice Service helpline on 08454 04 05 06.

About suffolktradingstandards
Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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