How to stop spam texts

mobileThe Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 cover the way organisations send direct marketing by electronic means, including by text message (SMS).

Organisations cannot send you marketing text messages you didn’t agree to receive, unless the sender has obtained your details through a sale or negotiations for a sale; the messages are about similar products or services offered by the sender; and you were given an opportunity to refuse the texts when your details were collected and, if you did not refuse, you were given a simple way to opt out in all the text messages you received.

To avoid unwanted (spam) texts

  • Be careful who you give your telephone number to.
  • Don’t advertise your telephone number, for example by putting it on the internet.
  • Check privacy policies and marketing opt outs carefully. Use them to tell the organisation not to contact you by text.

What can I do if I’m getting unwanted spam texts?

If you receive marketing by text message which you think breaches the Regulations you should write to or email the organisation concerned (remembering to keep a copy of all correspondence).

If you are unsure who the message comes from or if the message does not come from a company you are familiar with you should not respond to the message as this may confirm your number is live. If you know who the message is from, you can try to opt out from further messages by texting ‘STOP’ to the telephone number or 5-digit short code shown in the text message.

You can report them to your network operator, who may be able to prevent further spam from the originating number. Unfortunately as the numbers often change, your network provider cannot guarantee to stop all unsolicited messages. You can either contact your network operator’s customer services, or forward spam text messages to 7726 (it spells spam!). If you are a Vodafone user, forward to 87726 instead, and if you are on Three mobile, forward the spam message to 37726.

If you continue to receive unwanted marketing by text message you can report your concerns to the Information Commissioner (ICO). The ICO deals with marketing texts. If you are receiving texts that you are being charged for you can contact PhonepayPlus. They regulate products or services that are charged to users’ phone bills or pre-pay accounts.

What your network is doing

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