Recall: Rhino SafeClamp

Important safety notice for SafeClamp®

Rhino Products have issued a full product recall for SafeClamps manufactured and/or delivered on or after 20 February 2015.

Rhino Products the commercial vehicle accessories manufacturer from Deeside, Flintshire have issued the following Safety & Product Recall Notice:

“It has come to the attention of Rhino Products Quality Control Department that a recent batch of SafeClamps have failed the exacting safety and quality standards required for this product to be sold to the dealer network and  public.  This failure has led Rhino Products to take the precautionary measure of issuing a full and comprehensive product recall for all SafeClamps manufactured, sold or delivered since
20 February 2015.

Please note any SafeClamps sold or manufactured prior to this date are not affected.

On investigation it has been discovered there is a small chance that the drive plate in the mechanism could fail and result in the clamp losing grip on the ladders.

Because the safety of our products is a primary concern, as a precautionary measure we have taken the following corrective actions:

  1. Identified the source of the problem and began a programme of corrective measures with an independent testing institute.
  2. Will arrange replacement of known affected stock as quickly as possible.

Rhino Products have been contacting all stockists and dealers asking for end user details.

Rhino have subsequently been contacting each end user requesting that they stop using their SafeClamp with immediate effect and return their product to Rhino for replacement.

If you believe your product to be affected, please contact our customer service  department at

SafeClamp Carved Handle

Products manufactured and sold after the 20 February 2015 are only affected. A quick check to see if your SafeClamp is affected  is to check the handle. If the handle is carved out like the image then, stop using it immediately and contact the customer service desk at Rhino Products.

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