Recall: Fujitsu Voluntary Recall and Replacement of Laptop Battery Packs

Fujitsu have learned that certain battery packs, manufactured by Panasonic Corporation and used in Fujitsu laptops as either originals or replacements, in rare instances may ignite and result in fire. Accordingly, Fujitsu will voluntarily recall and replace the battery packs that may be affected.

We ask customers who have battery packs stated in the below “Affected Battery Packs” to apply for a replacement as explained in “How to Apply for a Battery Replacement.” To ensure the safe use of your laptop until the battery pack has been replaced, please read the below instructions.

Fujitsu deeply apologizes for the inconvenience it has caused its customers, and asks for your cooperation in the battery pack recall and replacement.


Subject to this voluntary replacement program are only certain batteries of the following models:
LIFEBOOK E751, E752, E781, E782
LIFEBOOK P701, P702, P770, P771, P772
LIFEBOOK S710, S751, S752, S760, S761, S762, S781, S782, S792

Notebooks with battery packs replaced during repair, or with optional battery packs purchased separately may also be subject.

Battery packs labelled with the following product numbers and partial serial numbers are subject to recall and for replacement.

Product Number Partial Serial Number
CP556150-01 Z110802 to Z111212
CP556150-02 Z120102 to Z120512


The product number and partial serial number are printed beneath the barcode on a sticker attached to the battery pack.
Partial serial number: Alphanumeric characters beginning with “Z” after the hyphen.

How to check the battery pack’s product number and serial number
IMPORTANT: When removing the battery pack to confirm the product and serial numbers, please ensure the computer is turned off, unplug the AC adapter, and then remove the battery pack.

Fujitsu is advising customers to stop using the impacted batteries immediately and contact Fujitsu to arrange a replacement battery shipment. The replacement battery is free of charge. After removing the effected battery from the notebook, customers should plug in the AC adapter to power the computer until a replacement battery arrives.
By accepting a replacement battery you are committing to recycling your battery in an appropriate manner.

For further information please go to the Fujitsu Recall page:

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