Join The Fight Conference Photo Gallery

11760305_1010691222304620_802414662817456816_n 11755873_1010691905637885_1467076713056649707_n 11755710_1010692272304515_7980519616388540002_n 11755152_1010691878971221_4639711308022661588_n 11751761_1010691098971299_3305122665357521566_n 11743007_1010691362304606_1100971525841717684_n 11742704_1010691162304626_5079460428808938382_n 11738011_1010692172304525_3234012010386315241_n 11709548_1010692202304522_4784248802176641940_n 11222400_1010692392304503_3935627926581991590_n 11235443_1010692225637853_4235191255527145092_n 11695986_1010692485637827_3025629796732296950_n 11221514_1010692185637857_5518136989026143063_n 11204967_1010691665637909_635063462116402722_n 10982611_1010692142304528_5401185377447520857_n Workshop audience 1 Workshop audience 2 10308069_1010692322304510_1720124793245291601_n Workshop 4 Stuart Hughes Stuart Hughes listening to Marilyn Baldwin Steve Greenfield & NCCZ sign Steve Greenfield Steve Smith- trueCall Pledge board Nousha Meek- Workshop Marilyn Baldwin OBE Kevin Byrne- Checkatrade Large Audience- silence of the scams Marilyn Baldwin listening to Stuart Hughes Kevin Byrne- checkatrade 2 Interractive voting- audience enjoying Interactive voting handsets Exhibitor activity Exhibitor- checkatrade Interaactive voting-audience participation Cllr Sarah Stamp Audience- Doorstep Crime

About suffolktradingstandards
Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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