Scam Alert: Euromillions Peoples International Postcode Lottery


Have you heard the phrase “you’ve got to be in it to win it”? Yes? Well ask yourself, why do some people think you would believe that you’ve won something that you don’t remember buying a ticket “to be in it”!  Unfortunately  that’s exactly what the lottery scammers are hoping you’ll believe!

Here at Suffolk Trading Standards we have received numerous reports about a number of letters being sent congratulating you on winning a cash prize. Sadly this is yet another example of the very common lottery and prize draw type of postal scam.

You may receive a letter congratulating you on winning a cash prize and you’ll usually be given a number to call or even be asked to return some paperwork.  If you do, you’ll then be asked to pay a fee or buy goods before the prize is ‘released’.  However, the chances of you actually receiving any prize are virtually none existent but the chances of you being asked to pay more money for insurance or legal fees, provide confidential information or call a premium rate number which will leave you with a large phone bill

This is an example of just one of the letters currently doing the rounds and we have lots of other examples of scams on this blog – just click here to see more.

The people sending these letters and making these phone calls are organised criminals who are only after your personal details or indeed hope you will send money in order to claim your prize. We can assure you that the large sums of money and winnings promised to you do not exist and the fraudsters will continue to scam you while people respond and send money to them.

To make matters worse, if you reply to one of these scam letters the likelihood is that your details will be added to a ‘suckers list’ which is sold around to other fraudsters and will result in you be bombarded with
more letters and calls.

So what can you do?   Have a look at our leaflets,  Keep calm and bin it! and Keep calm and hang up! for our advice on how you can avoid falling for one of these scams.  If you fear that you or someone you care about has been a victim of a scam contact us immediately via the Citizens Advice consumer service on 03454 040506.

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Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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