Recall: Baketime Ltd – various branded Aldi, Bestway, Happy Shopper

The following notice has been issued by the Food Standards Agency:

Baketime Ltd is recalling various branded biscuit, snack and confectionery products on a precautionary basis as they have been manufactured in unhygienic conditions. These products are sold by Aldi, Asvina, Booker and LBV.

All batches of the products listed below are being recalled as they may have been subject to pest contamination.

  • Aldi Cheese Thins (10% Cheese) – L16026, L16027, L16055, L16056, L16057, L16073, L16074, L16075
  • Aldi Cheese Bakes – L16026, L16027, L16032, L16033, L16039, L16040, L16046, L16047, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066, L16067, L16073
  • Aldi Oddbites Cheese – L16060
  • Aldi Oddbites Salt and Vinegar – L16061
  • Aldi Oddbites Smoky Bacon – L16061
  • Aldi Ginger Nuts – L16047, L16048, L16061, L16062, L16068, L16069
  • Bestway Mini All Butter Shortbread – L16034
  • Bestway Mini Brownies – L16035
  • Bestway Mini Cheese Thins – L16032, L16033
  • Bestway Mini Choc Chip Cookies – L16035
  • Happy Shopper Cheese Thins – L16026, L16027, L16032, L16053, L16366, L16060, L16066
  • Happy Shopper Fudge Brownies – L16041
  • Happy Shopper Choc Chip Cookies – L16041?
  • LBV Potato Bakes Korma – L16034
  • LBV Potato Bakes Mild Thai – L16034
  • LBV Strawberry and Vanilla Biscotti – L16027

Baketime Ltd is recalling the above products as a precautionary measure. They have provided all their customers with point-of-sale notices for display in stores. These notices will inform consumers why the products are being recalled and will tell them what to do if they have bought the product(s). Copies of the notices can be found via:

No other products manufactured by Baketime Ltd are known to be affected.

About suffolktradingstandards
Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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