Warning and urgent request for information about a heating system company

Friday the 1st April 2016  – A 78yr old consumer in the Creeting St Mary area received a cold call from a female asking if she knew anything about air to air heating systems.  (Air to air heating systems are designed to take heat from the outside air of a property and heat the internal areas, sales literature implies it is supposed to operate even when air temperatures are low outside).  The female provided no details other than a business name.  The consumer was convinced into having a visit from a sales man despite saying she did not have the money for anything like that.  No name was provided by the caller, and no address or telephone number for the business.

Monday 4th April 2016 – Male turned up called Jason (not very tall, wore suit, white shirt and tie, short brown hair around 40ish clean shaven) with a  packet of biscuits and gave them to the consumer and asked for a cup of tea or teapot of tea.  The salesman told the consumer regarding his family.  We believe this was all to put the consumer off guard.  The salesman was at the property for two hours and didn’t stop talking all the time he was there.  The consumer did not want the air to air heating system so the salesman recommended an Iboost system that fits within the current solar panel system and uses excess solar panel energy to water for the immersion tank.  (Iboost is a box that fits in the airing cupboard and links between an existing solar panel system and uses excess solar energy to that water in the immersion tank).  The cost of this was £1800 which the salesman told the consumer it was half the price of other companies, this is likely to be untrue.  The salesman had no products to show or demonstrate but did have diagrams and pictures of the air to air units that would go in each room.

The consumer does not recall agreeing to have the Iboost but said that it sort of just happened.  The consumer was asked to pay a £25% deposit and if she could pay immediately which she did by bank transfer £473 (25% deposit) by bank transfer.  After paying the consumer was provided with a  form which the salesman filled in and the consumer signed.  No cancellation rights or notice was provided and left, neither was a contract, business card or any details of the company or how to contact them.  The salesman said the work would commence on Wednesday and he said a female named Holly would ring and confirm the appointment.  No one rang.

Wednesday the 6th April 2016 – A male arrived at premises at approximately 10am, no name given and no id.  He is described as wearing a grey T-shirt and jeans, mid 20’s, brown hair, short, white between 5’4 to 5’7.  Car was a silver or white Range Rover.  Registration unknown.  Said he was from Billericay.  He had no tools or products with him and implied the fitters were following him but must have got lost.  Whilst at the property the male overheard a call between the consumer and Trading Standards and fled the scene after making an excuse.

Trading Standards have made contact with the company but the company have refused to provide a location for their business despite potential offences being committed for the non-provision of cancellation rights, non-provision of material information including geographical address for the business and copies of contracts provided to consumers.  There is also the potential that the company does not actually exist and this is merely a fraud.

Stuart Hughes of Suffolk Trading Standards would like to hear from anyone who has been cold called on the telephone or at the doorstep within the last fortnight by either a male or female looking to sell specifically air to air heating systems or Iboost systems.  We would especially like to hear from anyone who may have received a doorstep visit from a salesperson or has one booked with a salesperson or fitter following such a call or visit and/or paid a deposit who may have further details about these individuals, vehicles, phone numbers or any paperwork related to these individuals.  If anyone has any details regarding this matter please contact Trading Standards on 01473 264859 and ask to speak to Stuart Hughes.

About suffolktradingstandards
Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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