Recall – Megaman 4W Incanda-LED Candle B22

The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:

Megaman 4W Incanda-LED Candle B22, Batch 14W41 (LC0704CS / 143267)

picture1_8It has come to our attention that there is a potentially serious fault with a small number of one batch of the above lamp, resulting in some customers experiencing issues with the product. In a few cases a faulty product can result in a live bayonet cap which will, in a correctly installed earthed class I fitting, simply cause the circuit breaker to trip or fuse to blow with minimal risk. However, in class II fittings without earth a live cap results in a risk of electric shock.

It is important to note that this only affects very few lamps in the indicated batch number; rest assured all other batches are unaffected.

If you have sold or purchsed these lamps and have record of where they have gone, please endeavour to contact your customer with all of this information.

Please follow the below instructions to firstly ascertain if you have this batch of lamps and secondly what process to follow if you do.

Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above please don’t hesitate to call us on 01707-386000.

How to identify the batch number

If the lamp is installed, you must isolate the mains / turn the power off, before removing the lamp.

The batch number can be found on the base of the lamp, in small grey font. You cannot see the batch number on the packaging so you will need to remove it from the box. The batch number consists of a number followed by ‘W’ and another number. The batch you are looking for is 14W41. All other batches are OK.

What to do if you have batch 14W41

If you do have any lamps with the batch number, please contact our office on 01707-386000 immediately to arrange collection of the lamps and arrange a full credit refund and free of charge alternative.

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Suffolk Trading Standards is working towards creating and fair and safe trading environment. By creating empowered consumers, that are armed with the knowledge to stop 'rogue traders'.

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