Recaro safety warning: Recaro Fix car seat base

The following notice has been issued by the manufacturer:recaro

Recaro Child Safety is implementing a replacement program for its Recaro fix base, which can be used with the child seat Optia and the infant carrier Privia. Only Recaro fix base stations of a clearly defined production batch are affected. The replacement program is free of charge for customers.

During testing it was found that a particular production batch of the Recaro fix base does not meet the quality standards of Recaro Child Safety even though it fulfills the ECE-R44/04 approval standard. Under test conditions with particularly high loads that go far beyond the approval standard, products of this batch in combination with the child seat Optia may have the hooks that connect the Recaro fix base and child seat deform. The deformation may result in the child seat separating from the base in case of very high loads.

The deformations mentioned are due to the specific material properties of the hooks that were used exclusively in the identified production batch with serial numbers ER01000000 up to and including ER01017825. No other Recaro fix base stations are affected by this problem.

For Recaro Child Safety, customer safety is the top priority. For this reason the company is offering all customers who own a Recaro fix base with the corresponding serial numbers a free product exchange. Although use of the Recaro fix base in conjunction with the Privia is possible without restriction, the company recommends replacement regardless of whether the product is currently used in combination with the child seat Optia or with the infant carrier Privia. This will ensure that future use in combination with the child seat Optia is possible without worries.

Customers can find more information on the replacement program on the website of Recaro Child Safety at They will also find an online tool with which they can check if their product is affected, and with which they can register for the replacement program. The affected products can be identified by serial numbers on stickers on the product underside of the Recaro fix base. Recaro Child Safety has also set up a telephone hotline for inquiries: The service team can be reached daily from 7 AM to 10 PM in the UK on 0800 083 0128 and throughout Europe at the following number: +49 (0) 9255 77-66.

Where can you find the serial number?

On bottom of the RECARO fix base: On the packaging box:

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