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Legislation can be complicated and it isn’t always easy to know what is applicable to your business and what you need to do to comply.

Trading Standards supports and assists both consumers and businesses. They advise on and enforce laws that govern the way we buy, sell, rent and hire goods and services.

Trading standards officers (TSOs) work for local councils advising on consumer law, investigating complaints and, if all else fails, prosecuting traders who break the law. These laws cover a wide area, which includes:

  • counterfeit goods
  • product safety standards
  • product and food labelling
  • weights and measures
  • under-age sales
  • animal welfare

Trading Standards support and encourage businesses by giving advice and information to help businesses get it right first time. Trained officers can answer questions from all sizes of business from small home producers to national companies.

Here in Suffolk we welcome local companies and sole traders to contact us to discuss their business, and they ways in which we may be able to assist them.  We can help businesses with start up advice, with the labelling of their products, assist them with setting up due diligence systems, carry out checks on their weighing equipment, provide information on resolving consumer disputes and offer guidance on product safety, credit advertising and various other areas of legislation.

Suffolk businesses can contact us on or by phone on 01473 264859.

Animal Health

Fair Trading & Consumer Rights



Weights & Measures

Additional source of advice


The advice and enforcement work undertaken by Trading Standards ensures that businesses are competing on a level playing field.

Each Trading Standards Department differs in the services that it can offer to their local businesses

Some Departments work on the Home Authority Principle.  Businesses generally build up a relationship with, and receive help from, one particular Trading Standards department. This is usually the Trading Standards department where the business, or its head office, is based. As such that authority is primarily responsible for providing advice to the business.

Other Departments operate a Primary Authority Partnerships Scheme for businesses that trade within their Council boundaries. This means that qualifying businesses can enter into a legally recognised partnership with Trading Standards, receiving an agreed package of advice and support. This is chargeable on a cost-recovery only basis.

To contact your local Trading Standards Department, enter your postcode in the following link:

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